Why fighting for equality is a lost cause

Things that are not the same will never be equal.

I dont want to go to the gym 5 times a week to come out and to be equally as strong as the person that didnt.

The world is competitve we must come to terms with that, capitalism is the ultimate competition, the hunger games.

The problem for us, especially those from the diaspora, is that we are disconnected and are in competition with militarised tribes.

Does freedom exist?

What is freedom? Think about it, many of us say we seek freedom but, what I think many of us seek is to no longer be oppressed, which are two different things.

Most people think they’ll buy their way out of oppression, get more money and solve the problems after using up so much of our lives in order to be able to actually live it. Some have managed to attain these financial goals and some of the power that comes with that only to find themselves a richer member of an oppressed group

Integration – The path

Racism is probably the greatest example of the power of social conditioning. People become trained to accept different levels of racism and therefore find different levels acceptable to them and generally associate with those with similar thresholds. Don’t get me wrong there are people that are not racist but there are very few that are unpenetrated by the constant subliminal narratives pushed by one tribe to ‘empower themselves through the disempowerment of other tribes’ I put it in commas because often this disempowerment strengthens the resistance.

The empowerment of responsibility

Responsibility noun: something that it is your job or duty to deal with. – Cambridge Dictionary

Your life is your responsibility. By accepting this, you can live a life limited only by your ability to handle your responsibilities/duties. By making your life someone else’s responsibility, you are choosing to have your life limited by someone else’s ability and also by where you rank on their priority list; in a few cases, we are ranking first on that list.

Taking responsibility for our lives is a must. Without this ability, we almost never see…..