Black Power: What is it?

What is black power?

Blacks possessing power.

What is power? What is this thing we seek but has been so elusive to us?


Forms of power.

Willpower = The power to carry out a predetermined will/objective to achieve a predetermined goal.

People power =  Other people’s willpower supporting common goals

Firepower = A means to protect, persuade and acquire. A means to oppress, suppress or to liberate.

Purchasing power = The power to own, create and control assets (also can buy firepower and people power)

Increasing black power will require us all to IMPROVE over these four areas.



starts with a will/goal without this there can be no willpower. If we have no goals we will have no willpower. Goals are like the gym for willpower, goals are the platform where we exercise our willpower, when we work on our goals our willpower gets stronger, the bigger the goal the stronger the willpower required (imagine the goal to be the weight and willpower to be the muscle), and those who ‘workout’ regularly (regularly work on their goals) will build much willpower.


People power

This power is really important because society is based on people. The world runs on agreed concepts for example; money people agree if I give 100 in cash I should get something worth  100 back, but if people across the world stopped agreeing to this what would happen (probably a war, but without people power who would fight in this war) but what I mean is decisions are made collectively. When we start tackling things collectively we can bring about change for example on December 20 1956 Rosa Parks was arrested by the police for no longer sitting where blacks had ‘agreed’ to sit on the bus (at the back) there was a great example of people power put in to effect. Black people came together under one goal/will which was to change the policy of blacks having to sit at the back of the bus by creating a boycott. Even though it was creating short-term loss in the sense of being able to use the buses many denied themselves the easy way out and exercised their willpower until the success of their goal. What do you think would have been the result if only a handful of people boycotted? This is the power of the people power.


There’s an old saying that whoever possesses all the gold makes all the rules, which is somewhat true but if history is anything to go by it should be said, whoever has the best firepower takes all the gold and makes all the rules. When all other methods of diplomacy fail, weapons have time and again been the deciding factor. Those with firepower will always be a threat and those without it are likely to always be threatened. Only those who pose a serious threat can make demands so be having limited access to firepower we are limiting the demands we make of those in stronger positions than us. I’ll leave this on a quote I once read ‘rights are reserved for those that can protect them’.


Purchasing power

Money has become the currency of opportunity in society, we all know the saying money is power but rarely recognise who we give our power to as soon as we get it, we empower the tax man, we empower the local Chinese takeaway, we empower the Italian designer to the point at the end of the month we are powerless and have given all our power to other communities. In order to empower ourselves economically, we must ensure that we transfer the power in our community. Imagine there are 3 black people (A, B, C) each with 100 (any currency) All 3 people decide to spend 25 with the tax man, 25 with white businesses, 25 with an Asian businesses and 25 with Jewish businesses, so they all went through there 300 with nothing left in the community, now imagine if not only were these 3 consumers but also producers, so person A spends 25 with person B, 25 with person C, 25 to tax and 25 outside the community if each of the 3 people spends 50 of their income with the other 2 black people, now they have again spent 300 but also have managed to keep 150 in the community which means if they didn’t spend anything else within in the community black purchasing power would of went up 50% by spending the same money (and even more if the 150 continued to circulate in the community, this is the power of aggregating our money and buying black. Purchasing power enables ownership which is fundamental to self-determination, black ownership allows black self-determination, racism in the workplace is only a problem for black people because we don’t currently own enough to create enough jobs where we don’t need to be hired by other communities (oversimplification to save time more will be expressed in further posts). As stated earlier purchasing power can be used to create people power and purchase firepower but what I didn’t state is that purchasing power is also a great contributor to the potential of willpower, because money enables action, money makes things move.


This post has been crated to spark conversation on what is black power and also how can we get more of it, it’s by no means the finished article but more the start of one.

For more on purchasing power (economic power) please do a YouTube search on Dr. Claude Anderson.



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