The empowerment of responsibility

Responsibility noun: something that it is your job or duty to deal with. –  Cambridge Dictionary

Your life is your responsibility. By accepting this, you can live a life limited only by your ability to handle your responsibilities/duties. By making your life someone else’s responsibility, you are choosing to have your life limited by someone else’s ability and also by where you rank on their priority list; in a few cases, we are ranking first on that list.

Taking responsibility for our lives is a must. Without this ability, we almost never see an improvement in our circumstances, as no one else is likely to make it their job/duty to make things happen for us. Taking responsibility does not mean that we will always get things right, it means that when things go wrong we will not give up. We know it is our fuel that will get things going in the direction we seek.

Not accepting responsibility is like saying it is someone else’s job. For example, if you don’t consider taking out the rubbish as your job and no one else is doing it, you will end up with a horrible smell in your house. The same goes for your life. It is your job to take out lives trash and at some point, you may have people taking out the trash for you (delegation). Nevertheless, it is still your responsibility to make sure the rubbish is taken out, and if they don’t do it you still must ensure it gets done, no matter what.

To accept responsibility is to be willing to accept whatever comes your way no matter what it is, and dealing with it! Those that are responsible don’t make excuses!

The responsible are learners, as they need to learn their way out of Problems; finding solutions and making sure they are implemented.

Now think to yourself:

What is your responsibility to your community?

What is your responsibility to yourself?

Are you being responsible?


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