Integration – The path


        ‘Power only talks to power’ – Unknown.

Racism is probably the greatest example of the power of social conditioning. People become trained to accept different levels of racism and therefore find different levels acceptable to them and generally associate with those with similar thresholds. Don’t get me wrong there are people that are not racist but there are very few that are unpenetrated by the constant subliminal narratives pushed by one tribe to ‘empower themselves through the disempowerment of other tribes’ I put it in commas because often this disempowerment strengthens the resistance. Those which value freedom over everything, who were sleep walking, trying to buy their freedom in a game with the odds stacked against them come to realise that somethings in life you must command if it’s not given freely, and equality that their freedom will never be something willingly given to them. Now these newly ‘woke’ members have strengthened the ranks with a fresh energy and a hunger for change that can turn tides in the coming battles.

On the other side the dominant tribe’s (DT) broadcasts and demonstrations of superiority reap much benefits to its members such as better odds of success in the game of life, increased security and peace of mind they’re going to be defended in any situation etc. Such are the spoils of war. Also, the morale of the DT is boosted knowing they are on the ‘winning’ team, although the individual may feel fear of the other tribes they are safe in the knowledge that if they don’t stray to far they will be protected right or wrong.

Equality doesn’t exist, connection does. People will go against the tribe for someone that means more to them then the directive being pushed, that’s why so much is put into creating negative caricatures of black people to make others think it’s better that they avoid connecting with black people. Therefore its important to change the narrative just like the Vietnamese did to turn the tide in the Vietnam war, just like Dr Claude Anderson states we need our own media, we need to control our own narrative, to in effect run a better PR campaign for the whole the tribe. Why? To swing the middle and increase our support, which will also make us less vulnerable to attack because we will have a farther-reaching defence.


How to integrate?

Dr Claude Anderson also talks about ‘buying’ politicians with votes, instead of an individual approaching a politician for change a collective of voters have a representative find a politician that will get the changes we want done in exchange for our backing. Although currently my belief in voting is non-existent I do think there is a valuable best practice in there. To integrate with the other tribes where we are respected and the for the changes we want to be put into effect we must come together as a tribe, not many tribes but one tribe or at least a few large tribes that see each other as lifelong allies.

In order to do this, we will need changes from the grass roots level up. To reprogram ourselves to beat to a new drum, a drum of unity, a drum of empowerment, a drum that will play its own tune. This will obviously require leadership which there is plenty of at grass roots level but most of its fragmented and undersubscribed. (I will address this more in a later post).

Power only respects power, people are motivated by pain and pleasure, power is the ability to create pain or pleasure for others. In order to properly integrate into a global society, we must do so from a position of power that way we can motivate other tribes to treat us how we would like to be treated. This is obviously a bigger subject find out more about power here and there will be more on building power in later posts.

To conclude to successful integrate we need to form one tribe we millions of members and build our power structure to be able to shape our own future without the extra difficulties that are presented to a minority. Practising not only group economics but group powernomics.

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