Does freedom exist?

Does freedom exist?

What is freedom? Think about it, many of us say we seek freedom but, what I think many of us seek is to no longer be oppressed, which are two different things.

Most people think they’ll buy their way out of oppression, get more money and solve the problems after using up so much of our lives in order to be able to actually live it. Some have managed to attain these financial goals and some of the power that comes with that only to find themselves a richer member of an oppressed group, just like the slaves that ‘bought their freedom’ only to find themselves to be looked upon and treated in much the same ways and in the best cases not equally by mass society.

Money itself is one of the tools of oppression and also an enemy of freedom. Money is not controlled or designed by us, we have no hand in determining the value of it. When I say money is a tool of oppression this is what I mean, there are very few places on earth that will allow us to live our life for free, meaning you can eat, shelter, wash and live a healthy life without cost. And so where you can not live for free, someone will always be seeking payment from you to live. This is where the oppression comes those with money will now exploit the needs of those who don’t have it, by appealing to their need to survive, which gets them into reactive survival mode. People then trade their most valuable assets time and energy for credits (like in a game) to keep playing.

Back to freedom, I’m a person that naturally seeks freedom because of how much I dislike bondage, an example of this is the worst part of any ride in the theme park for me is not being able to free myself. I grew up without many rules and grew to make my own, not agreeing with the few rules that were being enforced I was forced to fight for independence. This self-recognised sovereignty I created at home traveled with me each place I go (although just like any nation choosing my battles with many victories but also deeply entrenched ‘enemies of freedom’) and I felt empowered and but not free.


Do we have freedom from responsibility?

Do we have the freedom to do right or wrong? should those who do wrong be free to continuing to do wrong?

What’s right for some may be wrong for others, are they free to rid the world of a wrong?

Is my life mine or is it ours? Am I free to use my powers, when the powerful seek disarmament?

Are we free to love without caution? Are we free to be authentic without fear?

Are our children free?

Free to be who they want to be? To not listen whenever they choose?


Do I want to be free?

Yes and no, there’s are some things we must free ourselves from but some things I don’t want to be free from. Like I don’t want to be free of the connection with my queen, I don’t want to be free of my responsibilities, I don’t want to be free from my purpose. But we must be free from oppression, it’s not going to come all at once but we must have it, individually and collectively.


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