Why fighting for equality is a lost cause

Things that are not the same will never be equal.

I dont want to go to the gym 5 times a week  to come out and to be equally as strong as the person that didnt.

The world is competitve we must come to terms with that, capitalism is the ultimate competition, the hunger games.

The problem for us, especially those from the diaspora, is that we are disconnected and are in competition with militarised tribes. Africa was divided when it was conquered (minus Ethiopia) and its decendants remain in much the same position, trying not to be assimilated by the dominant tribe that uses all its power to keep power through supression, oppression and termination. The dominant tribe, the holder of the carrot and stick use either at will to corrupt, capture and capitulate because they do not wish to share power.

As far as I have seen there has always been leaders (back to ancient time), leaders are harder to replace than followers which to me would mean a leaders value to the tribe is not equal to 1 follower, obviously the leader will not be worth the whole tribe but they will not be equal. Not just a leader those with specialist skills also become more valuable and as only right should reap the beneifts of this (within reason).

The aim to be equal is uninspiring to me, aim to be the best you can be. But the truth is at this moment its more difficult to be you if you’re black, never mind be the best you can be (more difficult but not impposible). So how do we make it easier, creating tribes. To bring our powers together to form a defence for our members and an offence to push for change in the world.

I don’t want to be equal I want to be individual and equality is an oprression of individuality, what i do want is justice.


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