Kings became slaves we must move forward from old ways

People talk about being kings and queens, but I don’t see it in their heart. Many are quick to switch to an opposing view, quick to pass judgment on who you are.

Calling everyone King or Queen doesn’t feel natural to me, part maybe reconditioning but I don’t think there was ever a time when people saw and felt in their hearts everyone was equal and a king and queen. And for me to say that to someone from my tribe I just met would feel disingenuous.

There are those who like to dress like our ancestors dressed and try to follow rules of a people that had no idea how life would be now. I say that to say this person wants to talk about kings and queens but not focus on building kingdoms in the present, cause if your a king you will be addressed as such because people will know, if not through reputation and how people move around then by how you carry yourself not by using the word.

“I don’t need someone to crown me nor are they able to”

When we were kings and queens (Kemet etc)

Once upon a time, we were on top, yes its’ true if you haven’t heard the stories but those same people that were on top over the years became the ones on the bottom…

You’ve heard the stories slavery, apartheid, Palestine, Libya, police on black killing etc

So why do we hold the ways of the past in such high esteem when that’s what eventually led us to the position that we are in?

The players in the game have changed and also they advanced a lot since those kings and queens dealt with them. The kings and queens were taught so little but taught so much and in doing so lost crucial strategic advantages.

Yes we had golden ages

But we’ve been on a dry run for ages, trying to do what we did then to get it back is like a sports team trying to win the championship this season doing what they did when they won it 10 years ago.

The point of this post is not to be negative but to address something.

Be kings and queens live in the present and build your kingdom because if we cling to the past and empty words and the dry run will continue.


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